Integrative Healing Wellness, Inc
Integrative Healing Wellness, Inc

Functional Medicine

How We Help You

Your happiness is our main concern. 

At Integrative Healing Wellness, our focus is you.
 Dr. Erika Jurasits blends her extensive medical experience and training with the proven techniques of functional and osteopathic medicine.  Dr. Jurasits takes a whole body approach to help you achieve health.


A whole body approach means that treatment is not a "one-size-fits-all" method. Dr. Jurasits identifies the root causes, looking at the whole person, to identify and treat your illness or disease. This can be more effective to attaining whole body health and well-being.


Our Functional Health Coach, Karen, assists you in making lifestyle changes that start where you are, walking you toward where you want to be.  Our Educational workshops "Teach you how to be a Healthy Human"!



Although our body is complex, it functions at its’ optimum when in balance.


Integrative Healing Wellness offers tailored wellness plans to include:


  • Comprehensive evaluation


  • Ongoing physician management


  • Detoxification program


  • Continual support


  • Supplementation and nutrition


  • Education and webinar programs


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