Integrative Healing Wellness, Inc
Integrative Healing Wellness, Inc

What our patients say about us


"I wanted to feel better – have not felt “right” for decades. I also wanted to reduce/eliminate my inflammation issue – and lose weight too.


I have been to a number of traditional and integrative doctors, as well as nutritional counselors. I have tried many different diets and taken many supplements. Some worked a little, most not at all.


This is the best I have ever felt! I have energy and can focus easily on the tasks at hand. My mood is even, and I have lost some weight at a somewhat faster pace than before. Inflammation issues have subsided a bit too. I have been to many practitioners over the years, and Dr. Jurasits is the most knowledgeable and best organized of any. She’s a  good listener and understanding too!” - Sincerely, Vivian F.




“I would recommend Dr. Jurasits to my friends and family because of her knowledge and caring.”  -M.M.




“Dr. Jurasits’ knowledge and commitment to helping promotes the well-being of her patients.” N.S.